Talking to a Financial Broker provides you with independent financial advice that could make the difference between a good investment and a better investment.

our-processAt Leahy Investment Advisers we carry out research on you and assess your appetite/attitude for risk. We will research the market and offer you different options on various funds that suit your attitude to risk.

Over the last number of years investment funds have grown quickly and performed very well for those who have taken risk. Some funds have performed better than others. By selecting funds that suit your risk category this can limit the volatility on investment performance. Funds with full or partial capital guarantee can also be selected.

Whether you have a tax free sum from your pension, a lump sum from an inheritance, have received a gift or even built up savings over time talk to us, your Financial Broker, today to select the fund or funds suited to you.

It is estimated that there is currently €90 Billion on deposit with banks.

So ask yourself this, is your money growing at a rate that you are happy with?


For advice, talk to us, your Financial Broker, today.

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