Savings Plan

A savings plan is an important part of your financial life whether it’s for your retirement, your children’s education or for a rainy day.

Saving for your children's futureWithout savings you limit your future financial options. As a Financial Broker Leahy Investment Advisers will advise you on and select the best financial savings plan that suits your financial goal. We will select the funds with you that suit your risk appetite.

You may think that by putting money on deposit with your bank, post office or credit union, it is providing you with a good rate of interest. But is it really? Are your savings getting a real investment return? When you invest your time you get a return, time is money. So when you invest your regular savings shouldn’t you get the same? As a Financial Broker we will match the risk/reward with you.

So ask yourself this, what options will you have at retirement, or for your children’s education or for that rainy day if you don’t start saving today.


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